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Dakwatlah / Nááche

Born early or mid 1800s. Died early 1900s

Dakwatlah was also known as Nááche, which means "Dreamer." He is probably the person listed as "Dekutla Nazute" in archival records, whose father was born around 1800. He was a member of the Sikanni band that traded into Fort Nelson.

Dakwatlah made a large moose hide drawing of his dream of Heaven. This was cared for by Augustine Jumbie until the mid-1980s. Anthropologists Robin and Jillian Ridington took photographs of the moose hide drawing when Jumbie showed it to them in the early 1980s. Jumbie told a story about the Catholic Bishop asking Dakwatlah to give him the moose hide drawing. Dakwatlah replied that he would only part with it if the Bishop gave him his robe. The Bishop declined the offer and Dakwatlah kept his drawing.