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Peter Biella
Visual Anthropologist, Youth Video Production Mentor

Peter Biella
Peter Biella, Snare Hill, 2005. Catalog # DZVMCKHDP-7-01-05-E040

Peter Biella is Director of the Program in Visual Anthropology at San Francisco State University, a position he inherited from his mentor there, John Collier, Jr. Peter's work spans the gamut of photographic media, from 16mm film and "chemical" still photography to digital video and interactive communication. His experience with the latter, in Yanomamo Interactive, Maasai Interactive, and an AIDS-education CD, strengthened his commitment to applied media ethnography. Having first seen himself as an anthropological filmmaker, in recent years Peter found the ethnographic component of his work richly enhanced by a "collaborative-activist" focus. This was the case in his contribution to Dane-zaa Stories and Songs. Working in Doig River, it was a joy to pass on techniques of video production and interactive design to teens who want to carry their culture's auto-documentation forward. As with Dane-zaa, Peter has been fortunate to work with people who know and love their communities so well.