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The North Peace School District is one of our partners for this project. Their First Nations Education Program staff has worked with our community and the content of this web-exhibit to create the lesson plans and curriculum materials you see here.

Teachers' Guide

Dane Wajich Dane-zaa Stories & Songs: Dreamers and the Land is designed to teach students—through a virtual exhibit— about our Dane-zaa (Doig River) First Nation. We invite you to learn about Dane-zaa history and culture through an exciting mix of video and sound files, photographs, and text.

This Teachers' Guide first provides a brief orientation to our website. Below we summarize the six main sections of this web exhibit which are accessed from the tabs at the top of every web page: The Project, A Dreamer's Drum, Places, Dreamers, Stories & Songs, and Resources. Note that you can also see an overview of the six main sections, as well as all the subsections, of the exhibit by clicking on Site Map at the bottom of every page.

Following the introduction are lesson suggestions for elementary (younger) and high school (older) students that have been paired with each section of the website. Each lesson includes background information, core concepts, student worksheets, discussion questions, and suggestions for enrichment activities. These lesson plans have been developed in conjunction with the BC Ministry of Education Shared Learnings curriculum objectives. Lessons can either be accessed from the Teachers' Resources online or downloaded as PDF files from the appropriate sections of the website.

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