Dane-zaa Stories & Songs | PROJECT CREDITS


Doig River First Nation gratefully acknowledges the financial investment by the Department of Canadian Heritage in the creation of this on-line presentation for the Virtual Museum of Canada.

Doig River First Nation


The Virtual Museum of Canada
Volkswagen Foundation (Funding initiative: Documentation of endangered languages)
The Doig River First Nation
The Northeast Native Advancing Society
North Peace School District #60

Project Directed by:

The Doig River First Nation (see Project Participants)

Producers, Project Coordinators, Exhibit Curation, Community Consultation:

Amber Ridington and Kate Hennessy

Interactive Producers

Wayne Clark and Katherine Lee

Website Production Development:

Unlimited Digital Communications, Inc.
Usability Testing: Wayne Clark
Design: Kyle McIntosh and Darren Card
Graphics, Programming and Integration: Kyle McIntosh
Video Editing: Malcolm Levy with Kate Hennessy

Ethnographic Documentation:

Amy Acko, Robin Acko, Starr Acko, Eddie Apsassin, Mark Apsassin, Dr. Peter Biella, Charmayne Brinkworth, Brittany Brinkworth, Kate Hennessy, Julia Colleen Miller, Dr. Patrick Moore, Madeleine Oker, Gary Oker, Amber Ridington, Jillian Ridington, Dr. Robin Ridington, Stacy Shaak.

Interpretive Text Writing and Editing:

Amber Ridington and Kate Hennessy
Dr. Robin Ridington
Jillian Ridington

Dane-zaa (Beaver Language) Translation and Transcription:

Director: Dr. Patrick Moore

Translation: Billy Attachie, Madeline Oker, Eddie Apsassin, and Margie Miller

Transcription: Dr. Patrick Moore, Julia Miller, Gabriele Müller, Billy Attachie, Madeline Oker.

French Translations by:

Françoise Wolfsohn
Solen Roth

Teachers Resources:

Angela Wheelock in consultation with:
Doig River First Nation
School District #60, First Nations Education Center, Fort St. John.
Kate Hennessy and Amber Ridington

Print Design: Dan Fong, Kate Hennessy, Amber Ridington

Text Editing:

Dr. Jennifer Kramer
Frances Raftis
Sarah Mitchell
Daniel D. Read
Angela Wheelock
Communications McKelvey inc.