In front of us they done everything on this land...
They destroy the land...
We pray and everything started coming back...
Like get our land back, what they owe us.

Tommy Attachie, 2005 (DZVMCMD-7-1-05-1of1).

Our Dreamers dreamed in many places throughout our Dane-zaa territory. Their dreams came to them as they moved with their families in a seasonal round. Like all our people, they travelled through our territory, hunting moose and other game, trapping fur-bearing animals, and harvesting plants and berries.

The songs and teachings of our Dreamers, like the stories of our people, are therefore tied to specific places, and to an expert knowledge of the land and its animal and spiritual resources.

Take a virtual tour of some of the places that are important to us and learn about our connection to the land. You will also hear about the way that our Dreamers have prepared us to survive on the land through changing times.

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