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Born early 1800s.

Alédzé, whose name means "Gun Powder" in English, got his Dreamer's name because of his ability to travel from one place to another in his dreams, much like the power that gunpowder gives to a bullet.

Alédzé Tsáa (Aledze Creek) is a place where this Dreamer often camped, and is where he died. We continue to hunt and camp in this area today and tell stories about his teachings. Each telling of these stories keeps them alive.

We also continue to sing Alédzé's songs at our Dreamers' Dances and gatherings.

Tommy Attachie, 2005

Tommy Attachie talking about the Dreamer Alédzé, 2005.

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Tommy Attachie talks about the Dreamer Alédzé, who is buried at Alédzé Tsáá, and the ways that Dane-zaa Dreamers have predicted the future. He also talks about travelling and camping in the area, and surviving a flu epidemic centred around Fort St. John by returning to places like Alédzé Tsáá. Alédzé Tsáá, 2005.