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Nááchę / John Notseta

Born late 1800s. Died spring 1944.

The name Nááchę means "Dreamer." Born in the Prophet River area, Nááche followed after his father, the Dreamer Dakwatlah, who was also sometimes referred to as Nááchę.

Like so many other Dreamers, Nááchę traveled around sharing his prophecies and teachings with Dane-zaa people throughout our territory.

Madeline Davis remembers Nááchę showing his dreamers' drawings at Suunéch'ii Kéch'iige when he was there teaching and singing at a Dreamers' Dance.

Nááchę is the father of many Notsetas living today, including the Chief of the Prophet River Band, Liza Wolf.

We still use Nááchę's teachings and songs today.

Madeline Davis, 2005

Madeline Davis, telling about Dreamers Dances at Suunéch'ii Kéch'iige (Montney). Doig River, 2005.

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Madeline Davis tells about attending a Dreamers Dance at Gat Tah Kwą̂ (Montney) when she was a little girl. She recalls watching the Dreamer Nááchę (John Notseta) showing maps of Heaven to the people who had gathered there to dance, sing, socialize and tell stories. Hanás̱ Saahgéʔ (Doig River), 2005.

Tommy Attachie singing a Nááchę song, 2001.

Tommy Attachie singing a song by the Dreamer Nááchę (John Notseta), 2001.

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Tommy Attachie singing a song by the Dreamer Nááchę (John Notseta), Petersen's Crossing, 2001. The Dreamer Nááchę (John Notseta) travelled from the Prophet River area to the Montney area from time to time to sing Dreamers' songs like this one for Dane-zaa gathered there.