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Mats̱ííʔ Dak'ale / Ats̱íígwąą

Born late 1800s.

Mats̱ííʔ Dak'ale means, "His Head (Hair) White." He was also known as Jack Atsukwa and was the son of the Dreamer Makéts'awéswąą. Both Mats̱ííʔ Dak'ale and Makéts'awéswąą lived in the Halfway River area, but also travelled seasonally throughout Dane-zaa territory.

Mats̱ííʔ Dak'ale had personal medicine powers that told him never to sleep inside a building. Even in the coldest weather, he slept outside or in a tent. As a Dreamer he learned a great deal from his father, Makéts'awéswąą, and helped pass along both his father's and his own Dreamers' songs to the next generation.