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Eddie Apsassin
Beaver Translation Team, Project Advisor, Project Bus Driver

Eddie Apsassin
Eddie Apsassin, Doig River, 2005. Catalog # DZVMCKH-CB-BB-7-11-05-E027

I'm doing this [website project] to have a little history on myself to tell my grandkids, when I have grandkids.

Eddie Apsassin

I was born on August 23,1953 in the Moose Creek area or the Taahche area, I'm not sure where. I lived at Petersen's Crossing until I was eight years old. My father died in 1961 in a vehicle accident, after this happened me and my mother moved to Blueberry for a year, to probably deal with the grief.

While at Peterson's I went to school for about a year or two, I really don't remember. The teachers used to pull on my cheeks, that's probably why they're big now! And they used to pull on my hair. In Blueberry I attended the school they had there in 1962 until 1966, I think I was in grade five. I moved back to Doig the same year and started school in there in the fall. Our teacher's name was Mrs. Ebenor I think. In January she got fired because I think she drank too much. She was RC's girlfriend!

When I was a kid I remember moving to Sweeney Creek on wagons. We would have to go through bogs and have to put down logs so the horses could get through. I remember them making lots and lots of dry meat. This was fun time to me especially to come home it seemed like everyone was pumped up to go home. The adults practised the old traditional ways. I don't remember going hungry in those days living in the Doig area, but when we lived in Blueberry we were pretty poor and hungry. I think the only source of income then was family allowance.

In 1967 I went to the school in town for about a year. Then in 1968 I started working. I lied about my age. I was 15 at the time and said I was 16 to get my social insurance number.

(Interviewed by Amy Acko and Brittany Brinkworth, 7-19-05; Transcribed by Amy Acko)