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Jillian Ridington
Ethnographer, Project Consultant

Jillian Ridington
Jillian Ridington, 2005. Catalog # jr

Jillian Ridington joined Robin Ridington in his work at the Doig River First Nation in 1978. She shares his love of Dane-zaa stories and song. They have recorded and photographed the many changes that have come to the Dane-zaa people and their territory over the past decades. Jillian has published many articles on women's issues, and is particularly interested in the lives of Dane-zaa women.

Working with the Doig River First Nation elders, and with researchers for the Blueberry River First Nation, Jillian and Robin completed a genealogy of the former Fort St. John Band in 2005. Robin and Jillian's co-publications include People of the Trail, People of the Longhouse, and When You Sing it Now, Just Like New, published in 2006 by the University of Nebraska Press. Now that they are themselves elders, they are pleased to know that the work is being carried on by younger Dane-zaa and ethnographers.