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  • Eddie Apsassin
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  • May Apsassin
  • Johnny Askoty
  • Billy Attachie
  • Chief Gerry Attachie
  • Margaret Attachie
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Mark Apsassin
Youth Documetarian

Mark Apsassin
Mark Apsassin, Peterson's Crossing, 2005. Catalog # DZVMCDPKH-6-29-05-EX006

The more stories we have heard the more knowledge we have gained during this project.

I often sit out in the bush and I think, what were they thinking about back in the day? What were their priorities, and what drove them from day to day? Was it hunger or pride? Was it just basic survival instinct? I often wondered what it took to survive day to day for them, was it strength or was it will? But anyways this is what we're trying to figure out with this project now, through recording stories and interviews with elders. The more stories we have heard the more knowledge we have gained during this project. Now I have a great interest in website designing and I hope to make a career out of it. We looked at a drum and heard some of the stories about it from the elders. We found out the drum was made by a Native Dreamer. It is supposed to be about fifty years old and represents two paths of life coming to a transformation stage. After the transformation stage the paths join into one path representing the right path on the way to heaven. One of my goals is to learn my native language (Beaver) and also to learn more about our Native history and our ancestry.