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Madeline Oker
Beaver Translation Team, Beaver Literacy Expert

Madeline Oker
Madeline Oker, Snare Hill, 2005. Catalog # DZVMCPMDP-7-01-05-E010

I started working with Billy Attachie on Beaver language revitalization in 1997, after Chief Gary Oker got funding for a project to turn our Beaver dictionary into computer form. We worked on this project for two years, from 1997-1998. After that, Billy and I started doing interviews with elders and translations of stories. I had learned previously how to write the Beaver language, but I honed my skills by working with Billy. Since then I have been doing translations like the ones on this site, writing about local history, and getting people a heads up on what is happening on the land, who our people are, and where they come from.

I think that this website has been good for the younger generation. They will be able to learn about our history and the lives of the elders. Hopefully they will be inspired even more to go to the elders and ask them questions about their lives and what they know.

We have a very rich history, and we have lots to be proud of. Our people have come a long way to where they are today. Their knowledge of the land is really strong, into this 21st century.