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Rosie Field
Elder, Oral Historian

Rosie Field
Rosie Field, Sweeney Creek, 2005. Catalog # DZVMCKHDP-7-02-05-E030

Rosie was raised in a Dane-zaa community at Halfway River by her parents Sammy Fox and Zolie Field. When she was quite young she married a strong hunter and leader, Thomas Hunter, who at that time was much older than her. She and Thomas lived a traditional lifestyle hunting, trapping and traveling around their territory and they had six children.

Rosie learned a great deal from her parents and her husband and his family and continues to share this knowledge with her family and community. After the death of her husband Thomas in 1982, Rosie found a new life partner at Doig River, Tommy Attachie.

Tommy and Rosie can often be found listening to Dreamers' songs and sharing information about Dane-zaa people and history in their home at Doig River.

Rosie still prefers to speak in Beaver, although her laugh and appreciation of people transcends all language barriers. At Doig she is affectionately called, "Grandma Rosie" by the youngsters.