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Doig River First Nation's Dedication:
This exhibit is dedicated to the memory of important Doig River elders and community members no longer living. We honour their lives by remembering and practicing what they taught us.

  • Ray Aku
  • Akully Davis Acko
  • Jack Acko
  • Albina (Abu) Acko
  • Saviour Stoney
  • Molly (Mary Acko) Apsassin
  • Charlotte Acko
  • Eskama (Mrs. Jack Acko)
  • Mary Pouce Coupe (Naachin)
  • Lena Pouce Coupe
  • Murray Attachie
  • Alice Ben Attachie
  • Dick Attachie
  • Ronald Attachie
  • Mackenzie Ben
  • Anno Davis (Daedama)
  • Francis Leg (Aki)
  • John Davis
  • Pat Davis
  • David Davis
  • Tommy Davis Sr.
  • Tar Davis (a.k.a. Tommy Davis Jr.)
  • Mary Davis Dominic (Daeda)
  • Charlie Dominic
  • Tommy Dominic
  • Darren Dominic (Chucky)
  • Chief Succona
  • George Succona
  • Sally Makadahay
  • Billy Makadahay
  • Oker
  • Alice Moccasin-Askoty
  • Albert Askoty (Mague)
  • Charlie Yahey
  • Anachuan (Bella Yahey)
  • Mary Harvey (Maeli)

Anno Davis (Daedama) (Feb 27, 1909 - Spring 1968)

Anno Davis (Daedama), 1966
Anno Davis (Daedama) with Robert Dominic dancing at a Tea Dance. Doig River, 1966. Photo by Robin Ridington. Catalog # OSDDD3.

Anno was the daughter of Noskwan Atsukwa and Gasise Montney. She married old Jebis and became the mother of Akully, Tar, and Daeda. After Jebis died, she married Aki (Francis Leg), the son of the Dreamer Gaayęą̨. She loved to dance at Dreamers’ Dances, and passed her traditional skills to her daughters, whose own children now carry them on.