Amy & Madeline complete Indigenous Educator Training Certificates!

September 28, 2022

Congratulations to both Amy Acko and Madeline Oker, of the Cultural and Heritage Resources and Language Department for completing their certificates in Indigenous Educator Training! Please take some time to watch their presentations which are available here. You will be very impressed with both their presentation skills and the subject matter they cover.

Amy’s presentation is on employee engagement. She talks about how employees act when they aren’t engaged and what they and their team members can do to get them feeling better appreciated and involved.

Madeline’s presentation is on building communication with your team. She focuses on how to ground yourself as an Indigenous person and provides some great video footage of wildlife as examples. She then explains that you can participate better as a team member if you take the time to ground yourself first.

These are GREAT presentations and I’m sure that everyone who watches them will learn a few things. Good job ladies!! 🙂

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