Lucy Davis is a DRFN artisan and crafter, originally from Saulteau First Nation in northeastern BC. Lucy married Norman Davis and moved to DRFN in 1979. She and Norman raised 3 children at Doig: Amanda, Timber and Kaylynn. They enjoy their grandson, Jayden who spent a few years growing up on the reserve and now comes to visit from his home in Grande Prairie.

Lucy has been beading since she was a child, taught by her Grandma Mary and mother, Lillian. She started beading as a hobby to make gifts for family members. She enjoys creating a number of beaded products including wallets, business card holders, change purses and moccasins among other items. Lucy also makes gemstone bracelets. Additionally, she prepares moose hide, thanks to the teachings from her mother-in-law, Margaret Davis. This is a task that is hard work and takes alot of time. She has sold a few of the prepared hides.

Where to buy

You can purchase Lucy’s goods by contacting her directly by phone at 250-262-1536.

Additionally, works by DRFN artists can be purchased through our Cultural Heritage Resources and Language Department. Please contact Manager, Verena Hofmann at 778-715-3746 to find out what’s available and make purchases.

Additionally you will occasionally find Lucy selling her goods at local craft fairs.