DRFN is committed to supporting band economic development, social enterprise and entrepreneurial programming. Our community’s vision includes:

  • Working to become economically and financially self-sufficient
  • Developing and maintaining community infrastructure that will improve the quality of life for our members

Commitments to Community

Additionally, DRFN’s Community Economic Development Department is committed to providing the following:

  • Advocating for band member owned businesses
  • Developing and maintaining an inventory of existing businesses, sector activities and current human resources within the community
  • Tracking economic impacts of projects on territory
  • Reporting on industry score cards
  • Supporting band economic development, social enterprise and entrepreneurial programming
  • Supporting social enterprise and entrepreneur programs
  • Planning, organizing, leading and controlling band economic development initiatives
  • Implementing policies, strategies and initiatives that improve community, socio-economic and business development of the Nation
  • Increasing the potential and credibility of DRFN individuals and businesses plus advocate partnerships for economic development initiatives
  • Assisting community members in responding effectively to business opportunities
  • Acting as a point of contact for community economic development issues
  • Acting as a resource for entrepreneurs, elected leaders and outside organizations for advice and guidance regarding business opportunities for members
  • Acting as the communication interface among DRFN, its departments and Uujo Developments
  • Communicating economic development opportunities to members

Funds secured in association with Impact and Benefits Agreement, 2019