Purpose of DRFN Safety Committee

The Safety Committee was established for the purpose of ensuring positive health and safety in DRFN’s workplace.  In 2019, DRFN updated and developed a Safety Policy which establishes the requirement for the Nation to have a Safety Committee.

Safety committees can have a significant impact on the workplace because they provide the opportunity to sit down with front line workers to discuss prominent safety concerns. Safety committees set a great example for worker safety and allow them to hold an important role in keeping not only themselves, but their coworkers safe.

Our Safety Committee and its representatives play a vital role in preventing work-related injuries and diseases, and are an important part of what is called the internal responsibility system. This system, based on cooperation between employers and employees, improves the overall understanding of occupational health and safety issues in the workplace.  The health and safety of our workplace staff and band members is a high priority!

DRFN Safety Committee Members


  • Jasmine Pouce Coupe
  • Wes Rothlisberger


  • Lorraine Gelata
  • Sharon MacDonald
  • Charmayne Brinkworth
  • Amie Haas-Lepowick

Committee Responsibilities

  • To consider and expeditiously dispose of health and safety complaints
  • To participate in all of the inquiries, investigations, studies and inspections pertaining to employee health and safety
  • To participate in the implementation and monitoring of a program for the provision of personal protective equipment, clothing, devices, or materials
  • To participate in the implementation of changes that may affect occupational health and safety, including work processes and procedures
  • To inspect all or part of the workplace each month, so that every part of the workplace is inspected at least once a year

For more information on the DRFN Safety Committee, please contact Jasmine Pouce Coupe at jpoucecoupe@doigriverfn.com or Wes Rothlisberger at Wesroth@doigriverfn.com.