Community development at DRFN is based on the following principles:

  • Promoting a participative and inclusive democracy that includes grass-roots member decision-making
  • Ensuring stable economic and physical infrastructure development
  • Respect for human rights
  • Equal opportunities for all membership, and
  • Advocacy for social justice

These principles will be accomplished through organizing, educating and empowering DRFN leadership, staff and band members.

DRFN member participants in 2015 strategic community planning session.

DRFN solicits strong, active community participation concerning not only the vision for the community but also for specific projects we would like to see undertaken. Through planning sessions, views are developed and shared through group discussions. Members develop personal and shared visions for the Nation and identify priority areas to develop further in building the future of our community.

Building a Shared Vision

Sharing ideas at the 2015 community planning session.

With the support and facilitation of the DRFN Social and Economic Development Trust and Deloitte, we held a two day strategic planning session for the community on February 24th and 25th, 2015. Over 50 members participated including:

  • Chief and Council
  • Administrative staff
  • Trustees
  • Community Elders, adults and youth

Through the workshop we explored:

  • The strengths of our past
  • The challenges and opportunities of our present
  • The vision and priorities of our future

Scroll through the images above to learn more about the priorities established by our community.

As you navigate through our website you will see that our community has accomplished many projects, both large and small, that were identified in this community planning session. Projects such as the community church, elder and youth hikes, Beaver (Cultural) Camps and the completion of a community garden are just a few of the projects we have accomplished to date. Find more about our projects completed to date here.