In 2017, as part of our comprehensive community planning work, DRFN developed our community vision by invoking the spirit of the Nááchę, the dreamers of our people. 

The visioning process was one where DRFN developed consensus from our membership about what future the community wanted and then decided what was necessary to achieve it.  Our vision statement captures what DRFN community members value about their Nation and the shared dream of what they want DRFN to become.   

“We, the Tsááʔ çhé ne dane, dream of a future where our community is healthy, strong and prosperous.  As original people, we will continue to practice our treaty rights and protect the land while using our Dane-zaa language, stories and cultural traditions to prepare our future generations for their pathways in a modern world.”

Our Nation will work to achieve this vision through the following mission statements that represent our top priorities as well as by establishing a framework that will move us towards realizing our dream for the future.  DRFN will:

  • Develop and maintain strong systems of governance and administration that include opportunities for grassroots member participation in community decision-making
  • Celebrate our language, stories and traditions and incorporate them into all facets of our business and administration
  • Continue to be a kind and inclusive community
  • Be present throughout our territory and assert our treaty rights
  • Protect the land and manage its natural resources for the greatest benefit of our members
  • Work to become economically and financially self-sufficient
  • Develop and deliver programs and services that will foster community healing, health, educational excellence, financial self-sufficiency and independence for our membership
  • Develop and maintain community infrastructure that will improve the quality of life of our members

DRFN Council, Band Manager and administration staff have all built our strategic and operational plans to incorporate and reflect DRFN’s vision, mission and values in everything we do.