DRFN’s Emergency Management Planning Committee, L to R: Jennifer Davis, Owen Bloor, Andrea Morison, Amie Haas-Lepowick & Sharon MacDonald. Missing: Justin Davis, Gord Haines, Thomas Whitton and Laura Halling.

DRFN recently developed an emergency management response committee to coordinate implementation of the community’s emergency management plan. Committee members meet weekly to identify and undertake tasks to prepare the community for anything from extreme weather related events to house fires and community evacuations.

The committee, as well as many members of DRFN’s administrative staff, are undergoing training with Holistic Emergency Preparedness and Response to learn more about how to be prepared and respond effectively to events. Through this training, DRFN will populate their emergency operations centre organizational chart and ensure staff are trained to undertake their specific roles. In addition, the committee will ensure on-reserve members are aware of the emergency response capacity of the community as well as additional support agencies.