We empower people to feel rooted, connected, transformed, and energized through interacting with cultural spaces that fuse visual, musical, and theatrical arts with technology, and Dane- zaa Dreamers’ traditions into imaginative experiences. – Garry Oker

What is Kema Experiences?

Kema Experiences provides a multi-sensory, interactive and immersive opportunity to experience Beaver culture. It provides hands-on opportunities to hear, taste, smell and try various Tsaa? che ne dane activities and foods. It also fuses visual, musical, and theatrical arts with technology, and Dane-zaa Dreamers’ traditions into imaginative experiences. Featuring the work of Garry Oker Art, and with cultural revitalization at its core, Kema Experiences uses the ancient Dane-zaa wisdom of finding alignment with self, with others, with physical environment and with spirit to help you find Kema (a good/sacred place) to access your greatest potential and find your song/passion.

DRFN Councilor Garry Oker explains why Kema is important. Aug 2019

How can I participate in Kema Experiences?

You can participate in the Kema Experience through opportunities at:

  • Galleries
  • Urban and traditional settings
  • Schools and campuses
  • Health and well-being conferences
  • Personal development camps at traditional, sacred Kema site in the boreal forest of northeast British Columbia

Design a customized Kema Experience

Additionally Kema Experiences offers the opportunity to customize your experience for your corporate, government or community organization or agency.

Trying her hand at archery during Kema Experiences at Swan Lake Provincial Park, August 2019.

What kinds of multi-sensory experiences does Kema offer?

Kema Experiences provides a range of multi-sensory opportunities to learn about Beaver Culture. Join us to taste, touch, hear, smell and create.

Enjoy the music
Learn from the stories
Find yourself at the centre of a short movie where Beaver Woman tells the story of creation through our virtual reality experience
Kema at Swan Lake Provincial Park, Aug 2019
Experience drumming and try your hand at it
Kema Winter camping experience in cabins and tents
You can taste that bannock and strawberry jam, can’t you?
Try creating your own beadwork
This is your chance to join the Drummers
Learn about ancient artifacts including tools
Try your hand at painting
Kema Winter Camp at Hunter Lakes
Kema Winter Camp, November 2022


For more information on Kema Experiences and to contact, please email us at kemaexperiences@doigriverfn.com.

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