The Land User Group is an advisory group of DRFN band members from each of the families to support Chief and Council and the Lands and Resources department on the following:

  • Lands-based projects being managed by DRFN Lands staff
  • Cultural land-use activities
  • Resource development referral files, major projects and other industrial activities
  • Proposed regulatory or policy changes related to lands, resources and wildlife
  • Land stewardship or management concerns or priorities brought forward by members


  • Provide a venue for sharing ideas and fostering connection
  • Help improve communication and information sharing among First Nations, government, Lands’ staff and the membership
  • Help disseminate lands-related information to the membership
  • Provide a forum for community members to influence priorities, projects and decision making related to lands and resources management
  • Provide an outlet to raise lands-related concerns
  • Discuss community land-use activities
  • Provide a platform to raise member awareness of resource development activities occurring in the territory
  • Provide a forum for discussion and sharing of land-based traditional use and knowledge among families, genders and generations
  • Reinforce the connection of members to the land
  • Provide opportunities to use and practice Beaver language in discussion
  • Create opportunities for industry or government to conduct community consultation for initial comments, feedback and direction on upcoming projects

For more information on the Land User Advisory Group, please contact Jennifer McCracken, Lands and Resources Manager, jmccracken@doigriverfn.com or 778-715-3758.