Dane-Wajich Education Project

About The Project

Our Doig River First Nation elders, youth, and leaders worked collaboratively with ethnographers, linguists, and web-designers to create an on-line educational program, called Dane Wajich Dane-zaa Stories and Songs: Dreamers and the Land. The site is complete with lesson plans for both elementary and high school aged students. We invite you to learn about Dane-zaa history and culture through an exciting mix of video and sound files, photographs and text.

Click on the image above to visit Dane Wajich Dane-zaa Stories and Songs: Dreamers and the Land

Following the introduction are lesson suggestions for elementary (younger) and high school (older) students. Each lesson includes background information, core concepts, student worksheets, discussion questions, and suggestions for enrichment activities. These lesson plans have been developed in conjunction with the BC Ministry of Education Shared Learnings curriculum objectives.

The Teachers’ Guide provides an orientation as well as the lesson plans associated with our on-line resources.

The stories and songs provided on the website introduce you to a long line of Dane-zaa Dreamers who have provided spiritual and practical guidance for our people for hundreds of years. You will also learn about some key places within our territory and how we have been reclaiming them from the effects of colonialism and development.

The website was developed in partnership with the Virtual Museum of Canada (VMC) at virtualmuseum.ca, Amber Ridington, Kate Hennessey and Doig River First Nation.