DRFN’s Elders’ Group was formed in 2002.  After a few meetings, they discussed what they would like their group to be called.  They spoke amongst themselves, speaking in Beaver, and the name “Dane Che Uu” was the name they decided on. It means, ‘Old People Gathering’. 

Even before everything was finished being set up, Dane Che Uu were the first group to have a meeting in the new Administration building in 2004.

At the time of formation, Dane Che Uu consisted of thirteen Elders, who were all aged 55 and older. By 2020, the group grew to forty-six members. Roughly half of this group live off reserve, but membership on the committee is a good opportunity for our community members to stay connected.

Since 2003, members of Dane Che Uu have received acknowledgment and recognition from Doig River First Nation members as knowledge keepers and critical links to the past.  Each year, members vote on programs that the Doig River Permanent Trust can support, and each year, Dane Che Uu has been in the top three programs to receive support.

Our Elders’ Group makes many contributions to the community and responds to the needs and requests of our administrative staff.  Additionally, our chief and council refer to them for support and guidance on a wide range of issues. We value their wisdom and experience  and do everything we can to learn from them and ensure their knowledge is never lost.