The mission of the Education Services, within the Health and Social Development Department are to improve the educational outcomes of our members from infant to elder.

Our education services are split into two – one section, run by Theresa Thielen, addresses preschool to grade 12 and the other section, run by Amanda Gauthier, addresses all post-secondary education and training.

Core Community Services

The core community services provided by the Preschool to Grade 12 portion of Education Services are to:

  • Implement DRFN Trust’s Stay in School program
  • Provide infant development and preschool programming
  • Provide educational workshops for youth on a wide range of topics
  • Provide information on tutoring and indigenous education support for K-12

Members can click here for forms and information on:

  • DRFN Post-Secondary Form for trades and college/university
  • Stay in School Form
  • Programs available to members
  • Indigenous Education School District 60


For support regarding infant development and preschool, contact:

Sharon MacDonald

Community Services Manager

For information regarding after school care, contact:

Shawna Green

Aboriginal Head Start/Education Assistant

For support regarding K-12 education, contact:

Teresa Thielen

Youth Support Worker

For support regarding post-secondary education, contact:

Amanda Gauthier

Employment and Training Coordinator

Detailed contact information for our staff and departments can be found on our Contact page.