DRFN offers members a number of educational supports including funding and information on programs. Following is a list of forms and resources for members.

DRFN Post-Secondary University College Form

DRFN Post-Secondary Trades and Short Term Learning Form

Stay in School Form

DRFN Post-Secondary Policy

Additional Educational Programs/Opportunities Available to Members

The department will provide information on additional educational programs here as they become available.

Indigenous Education School District 60

Indigenous Education Contacts for SD60

List schools and contacts can be obtained from Teresa Thielen.

Additional Education Resources

Kahn Acadamy

The Kahn Acadamy is a non-profit on-line resource that offers free support for all grade levels in a wide variety of subjects ranging from math and reading to science, computing and the humanities. The organization produces short lessons in the form of videos. Its website also includes supplementary practice exercises and materials for educators.

Dane Wajich Website

Our Doig River First Nation elders, youth, and leaders worked collaboratively with ethnographers, linguists, and web-designers to create an on-line educational program, called Dane Wajich Dane-zaa Stories and Songs: Dreamers and the Land. The site is complete with lesson plans for both elementary and high school aged students. Learn about Dane-zaa history and culture through an exciting mix of video and sound files, photographs and text.

Beaver Language Learning Resources

DRFN has spent decades working with language experts to record and develop educational materials for their Dane-zaa Záágéʔ language. Their learning resources include audio files so learners can hear the words directly from a community member and then try the pronunciation themselves. Find out more by visiting our Language Learning Resources page here.

DRFN Tutoring Program

More info will be provided soon.

DRFN Homework Night

Thursdays 5-7 p.m. Band Hall Gym

This is an opportunity for students to get help with their school work. Anybody who is able to provide support, please contact Teresa.