Water Day hydrometric monitoring at Doig River

DRFN is involved with water security initiatives to understand connectivity between climate,  land use  and  the aquatic environment.  Key to these initiatives is understanding the Beaver People’s connection with water through sharing and exploring their stories, values, relationships, teachings as well as historic and current uses of water.  Our goals are to develop restoration plans, guardianship activities and predictive models inclusive of both western science and Tsáá ché ne dane knowledge and experience as well as deliver outcomes that will improve water security in the territory over time. 

Chuu Ghadaah (Water is Alive) Project

In October 2021, Doig River citizens and other members of the Chuu Ghadaah (Water is Alive) project team met to discuss the changes on the land that have resulted in impacts to water in the Doig and Osborne watersheds. This video provides input from community members, emphasizing the importance of clean water to them and the changes to water quality they have witnessed over the years.

Kick-off Video

Winter Indicators

Spring/Summer Indicators