Band Manager

DRFN’s operations are managed by our Band Manager, Shona Nelson.  Shona ensures the effective implementation of the community’s plans, programs and services in accordance with our laws, policies and procedures. Chief and Council govern the Nation by engaging with band membership and providing direction to the Band Manager. The Band Manager implements the direction and is supported by several department managers and staff. 

Shona Nelson, DRFN Band Manager

One of our key goals is to maximize DRFNmember employment and capacity building within the Nation’s operations. We are proud to have long serving staff that is comprised of skilled workers from both our band membership and the local community. 

Our skilled leadership and achievements were recognized in 2017 by MNP and AFOA Canada where we earned the Aboriginal Community Excellence Award. The award recognizes excellence in aboriginal finance, management, and leadership. More on this award here.

High Standards of Administration

One of the goals of Doig River has been to continuously improve our administration and provide a high standard of financial administration, human resources, and governance for the membership.  DRFN voluntarily chose to participate as a member nation in subscribing to the First Nations Management Act (FMA) and work with the First Nations Financial Management Board.  In April 2021, we recently underwent the financial systems audit and were approved for certification in July 2022.  To learn more about the FNFMB certification process, click here. Find more information about this achievement here.

Annual Audited Statements

As part DRFN’s transparency to members, our annual audited statements are published here. If members have questions regarding the audited financial statements, DRFN’s auditor is available each year at the annual World Café and can also contact our Band Manager.


For More Information on DRFN’s operations, please contact:

Shona Nelson, Band Manager
Dane-zaa ghaa adishtl’ish gha deh (Band Manager)
Direct Line: 778.715.9712
Mobile: 250.793.0367

How We Work Together

DRFN is a high-performance organization with grass-roots values. Council and staff work as a team to achieve community goals. The following operating standards define how we work together:

  • We take time for people and also move at the speed of business
  • We focus on continuous learning, growth and development
  • We create opportunities for members to be employed based on skill sets and knowledge
  • We communicate openly, frequently and respectfully at all times
  • We think bigger than ourselves – i.e., we are here for the community
  • We have policies and procedures in place to ensure everyone is treated fairly and consistently
  • We use time wisely – i.e., for everything we do there is something that is not getting done
  • We are good-hearted at all times and try to help everyone
  • We always wear our “employee/leader” hats when we are at work (not our member hats)
  • We maintain confidentiality at all times

Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP) Implementation

DRFN administration staff are actively working toward implementing the goals, objectives and  actions identified in the Comprehensive Community Plan.  These goals include but are not limited to the following:

Community Infrastructure

We will develop and maintain community infrastructure that will improve the quality of life of our members:

  • Adequate housing and provision of basic infrastructure (i.e., water, sewer, roads, storm drainage)
  • Quality community buildings and gathering spaces
  • Investments in emerging and ‘green’ technology (i.e., clean energy and telecommunications)

Supporting Our Members

We will develop and deliver programs and services that foster community healing, health, educational excellence, financial self-sufficiency and independence for our membership:

  • Improved health and wellness
  • Quality education and training opportunities for members

Economic Development

We will work to become economically and financially self-sufficient:

  • Sustainable and effective trust funds
  • New sources of revenue
  • Employment opportunities for members

Governance and Administration

We will develop and maintain strong systems of governance and administration that include opportunities for grassroots member  participation in community decision-making:

  • Good governance systems
  • Effective administration
  • Grassroots member participation

Territory and Treaty Rights

We will be present throughout our territory and assert our treaty rights

  • We are active and visible on the land
  • Treaty Rights are understood, respected and upheld

We will protect the land and manage its natural resources for the greatest benefit of our members:

  • Effective management of lands and resources throughout our Territory
  • Proper use and management of our current land holdings (i.e., reserve and private land)
  • Strategic land acquisition

Culture and Language

We will celebrate our language, stories and traditions and incorporate them into all facets of our business and administration:

  • Members speaking Dane-zaa Záágé (Beaver) and practicing our culture
  • We will continue to be a kind and inclusive community
  • We will strive for healthy internal relationships (i.e., amongst ourselves)
  • We will strive for healthy external relationships (i.e., with our neighbours, government and industry)

Administration Staff

Lacey Beaumont

Executive Assistant

Saedra Acko

Administrative Assistant

Lorraine Gelata

Custodian and Cook

Quinton Robertson

Assistant Custodian