In 2020, DRFN commissioned a Beekeeping Business Plan to provide details and financial considerations for operating an apiary and to provide options for future agriculture expansion for the Nation’s food security initiative. This plan was also commissioned to support  Doig’s efforts to increase Nation involvement in the agricultural sector and provide members with a more diverse array of employment opportunities.

The business plan provided DRFN with direction on the sales and marketing strategies, staffing needs, operating procedures, government regulations, and financial planning considerations to successfully establish and manage an apiary.

Future Foodcrop Production Options

The Beekeeping Business Plan included a review and analysis of additional food crops that could be cultivated by the Nation to contribute to Doig’s food security initiative.  The analysis focused specific crops which were selected based on: the ease of growing them in the region; ability to grown economically on a small scale; simplicity of growth cycles, care and harvest; and, minimal upfront investment costs.

To meet these, criteria, the plan provided information on the feasibility of four food crops including Haskap, Saskatoon berries, carrots and beets.  All four are good potential options for the Nation to pursue.  Both Haskap and Saskatoon berries could be grown on the Nation’s agricultural lands for commercial purposes. Carrots and beets were recommended for the Nation’s community garden.