Mabel Harding was born and raised in Doig River, BC. She grew up watching her mother and grandmother doing moose hides and moccasins as well as beadwork.

“I really enjoy beading and it relaxes me,” she responds, when asked why she loves doing this kind of work.

Her favorite colour to use while beading is blue.

“I do this work for the people who buy it for gifts and I do it cause it I just like doing it, not really for the money, just working on the hide relaxes me and I enjoy teaching it to my grandkids.”

“The piece I’m most proud of is the moose hide jacket I made – my first ever. I accomplished this when I was 58.”

“This skill needs to be carried on because we are losing our language, our culture, the way of life that our great great grandparents did.  We shouldn’t loose it because it is our history we have to hang onto our history – it’s where we came from.”

“The preparation and time it takes from the beginning to end is what people appreciate about the work and pieces I do. They like to know it’s done from scratch to where you can wear it. Its an original.  It takes knowledge to do it.”

“This skill is passed down from my mom and grandma – hands on learning is the best.” 

Works by DRFN artists can be purchased through our Cultural Heritage Resources and Language Department. Please contact Manager, Verena Hofmann at 778-715-3746 to find out what’s available and make purchases.