In February 2022, DRFN hired member Levi Davis as its Tsaa? K’wa Project Manager. Levi is primarily responsible for contributing DRFN’s interests in the Cultural Heritage Centre (CHC) project. Additionally, he works to plan, coordinate and implement cross cultural training initiatives such as the Kema Camping Experience.

The CHC is a project initiated by BC Hydro as a way to give back to the 13 First Nations communities impacted by the construction of Site C dam on the Peace River, just south of Fort St. John, BC. At this time, the project design phase of the project is underway. This will be a multi-year project and DRFN looks forward to contributing to it.

Kema Experiences was established several years ago and provides multi-sensory cross cultural training. Exhibits were placed in Beatton and Swan Lake Provincial Parks in 2019. Kema Experiences is now expanding to include a camping experience for industry partners with the first camping opportunity being held in May 2022.


Levi Davis

Tsaa? K’wa Production Manager