Rita Glover (Makadahay) was born at Alááʔ S̱atǫ, Peterson’s Crossing on February 4, 1954, to Sally and Bill Makadahay.

Rita was raised at Alááʔ S̱atǫ. At the age of 14, she was taught by her mom how to do hides and bead work and by age 17 she made her first moose hide. Her mom taught her how to cut out moccasins and gloves and in later years she made her own vests and mukluks.

Her favorite material Is home made moose hide and she likes her mom’s style of bead work – roses and flowers. Rita’s best work is mukluks. She believes that in the future, a lot of people will be asking for moccasins and any other kinds of hand crafts. She is concerned that there will be a high demand for Indigenous handicrafts and there won’t be very many people who can make them. She is thinking that these skills may be learned by future generations through books and audio-visuals.

Presently, Rita is teaching her granddaughter how to bead and she’s good at it already.

Many of Rita’s creations can be purchased through DRFN’s Cultural Heritage Resources and Language Department. Please contact Manager, Verena Hofmann at 778-715-3746 to find out what’s available and make purchases.