Doig River First Nation people have many places throughout their territory that have special meaning. The Special Places specifically referred to here represent just a few of the larger and more significant places with historical and cultural meaning. There are many others scattered throughout the territory.

This map shows the location of some of the special places of significance to the DRFN people.

Tsááʔ çhé ne dane Places

Our Dreamers dreamed in many places throughout our Tsááʔ çhé ne dane territory. Their dreams came to them as they moved with their families in a seasonal round. Like all our people, they traveled through our territory, hunting moose and other game, trapping fur-bearing animals as well as harvesting plants and berries.

The songs and teachings of our Dreamers, like the stories of our people, are therefore tied to specific places as well as to an expert knowledge of the land and its animal and spiritual resources.

Learn more about each of our Special Places by…… You can also hear stories and songs related to each special place by visiting Dane Wajich educational website.