For over 25 years, usually in the month of May, the Tsaa? che ne Dene community of DRFN, welcomes over 500 grade 4 school children, parents, teachers as well as guests from industry, government and the public who are all excited to experience Tsaa? che ne Dene culture during ‘Doig Day’.


We offer a wide range of opportunities for attendees to experience and participate in Beaver culture on this special day of the year. People can try their hand at:
– drumming
– dancing to the Doig River Drummers
– skinning a beaver
– stretching and scraping moose hide
– using a bone scraper and learning about other traditional tools
– digging, sifting for and learning about artifacts
– watching how meat is butchered and dried over a smoky fire
– roasting hot dogs wrapped in bannock over a campfire
– learning how to track animals

Elders and community members interact with participants educating them about cultural activities and sparking their imaginations with traditional stories passed down through generations. The day long event wraps up with hundreds of participants dancing to the Doig River Drummers.

The hands-on, interactive opportunities at this event culminates in an amazing experience and fosters respect, appreciation and understanding of a rich, traditional way of life of the Indigenous peoples who have lived in the area for over 10,000 years.