Community Garden Preparation Underway

June 10, 2020

Community Garden

We are very excited to begin a community garden at DRFN. In early 2020, we received funding from a food security grant administered by the Victoria Foundation. Our garden will produce delicious, fresh, locally grown fruit and vegetables for members. Construction work is underway, with the garden being located on the west side of the Administrative Complex.

Our public works staff member, Kevin Geist, has designed a beautiful, functional fenced garden that will contain raised beds, fruit trees and shaded areas to sit and relax. Beaver language, art and culture will be incorporated throughout the garden. We are looking forward to a productive growing season.

Other projects for this year include composting, rainwater collection and gardening workshops with the Northern Environmental Action Team. It will be a busy summer and we look forward to opportunities for members to enjoy the garden as well as the fresh fruit and vegetables.

“Gardening is the most therapeutic and defiant act you can do. Plus, you get strawberries,” – Ron Finley, The Gangsta Gardener

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