Doig River and PRRD begin MOU process on land use for reserve additions

July 13, 2022

Source: Energetic City

Doig River First Nation and the Peace River Regional District are drafting a memorandum of understanding that will elaborate on land-use for additions to reserve properties.

Doig River First Nation acquired several properties within the regional district. These properties are in the process of gaining reserve status through the federal addition to reserve process.

“It’s two forms of government trying to come to agreement upon many different variables,” Owen Bloor, a land use planner with Doig River First Nation, said. “So, although it’s a slow process, we’ve had a couple of really good meetings.”

The process to form an MOU with the PRRD began with an all-day workshop in May that brought elected officials and senior administrative staff from both Doig River First Nation and the PRRD to learn about each other’s governance, services, and land use expectations.

Topics discussed included overall development goals and goals for specific pieces of land, service delivery structures, bylaws and bylaw enforcement, and dispute resolution, among other things.

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