DRFN Band Manager, Shona Nelson wins AFOA Canada 10th annual Band Administrator Recognition Award

June 24, 2022

Our fearless leader was recognized today for the amazing work she does for our Nation. She won the AFOA Canada 10th annual Band Administrator Recognition Award!

Shona has been an exceptional leader, mentor, and a strong support to our community, members, and DRFN staff. Shona has been a strong advocate for ensuring our treaty rights are respected, honored, and upheld through interactions with industry and government business. She casts a powerful light in our community through her leadership role and her interactions with our colleagues, members, and business partners; this “light” is informed by her commitment to our culture, land-based teachings, and actions to support community-based healing, and the profound humility and respect that she walks with.

Shona has a profound interest and passion for the Tsááʔ çhé ne dane culture, and traditional values and has strived to foster this significant piece of our community into all aspects the Nation encounters. She has shown tremendous leadership skills by providing a bridge to understand the significance of Tsááʔ çhé ne dane culture, history, and awareness. She recognizes that success among our members is success for the Nation as a whole and that’s the true meaning of a respectable leader.

Congratulations Shona!

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