DRFN presents solar projects at BC First Nations Clean Energy Summit

May 12, 2021

In November 2020, DRFN participated in a virtual conference to share information about the solar initiatives it has undertaken to reduce energy costs in the community. DRFN has traditionally relied on electricity, wood and propane which is very expensive. Ironically, despite the oil and gas resources extracted in our territory, natural gas is not available at the reserve.

Through planning processes, community members committed to producing their own efficient energy and as a result, solar panels have been installed on the new Cultural Centre as well as several homes. Energy efficiency policies have been embedded in housing and public buildings for construction and retrofits.

Implementing efficient energy solutions contributes to the community’s economic self-sufficiency and development as well. Installing the solar panels leads to skills training and job creation for members. It creates an opportunity for business development and reduces energy costs for members, thereby decreasing their dependency on the Nation for basic life necessities.

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