DRFN reduced debt, received certification in 2021-22

October 28, 2022

“Thanks to our staff, legal, consultants and Council that work together to build a healthy and self-reliant First Nation. Proud to be part of a great team and community with vision, positivity and a “can-do” attitude. We are fortunate to also work with great industry and government partners that support the work we do!” – Shona Nelson, DRFN Band Manager

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by Shailynn Foster October 26, 2022, Updated October 27, 2022

DOIG RIVER, B.C. — Doig River First Nation (DRFN) has had a busy couple of years and has accomplished many projects, particularly in the financial sector, so the nation can become more self-reliant.

The nation also had a successful First Nations Financial Management Board Financial Management System Audit and certification, the first in Treaty 8 B.C.

“We’ve been working pretty hard towards being certified with the First Nation Finance Authority and the management board,” Doig River First Nation Chief Trevor Makadahay said.

“That opens up a lot of doors for our nation in financing.”

They also reduced the nation’s debt from 2021 to the fiscal year end of 2022 by 48 per cent.

Makadahay says this was part of the nation’s plans to reduce debt and increase self-reliance.

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