DRFN’s water treatment plant construction update

August 7, 2022

The current phase of the Long Term Water Upgrades project consists of a new watermains from existing wells, a new water treatment plant, a dedicated watermain between the water treatment plant and the reservoir, and a rechlorination building at the reservoir site. To date, work has commenced off-site for fabrication of the treatment skids (currently approximately 80% complete), electrical cabinetry and control panels, stainless steel pipe spools, and the purchase of most of the process equipment. Equipment is starting to arrive on-site.

The underground utilities around the water treatment plant building have been completed, with work progressing south towards the river, including a directional drill across the river planned for July 27 – August 2nd.

The foundation and foundation walls for the water treatment plant building have been poured, with the next milestone for this building being the interior slab on grade and masonry walls.

The piles have been installed at the rechlorination building, with plans for concrete work occurring at this site shortly as well.

The next month’s activities will see a large portion of the underground watermain works completed (including from the highway towards the reservoir along Bear Street) and work towards lock up of both buildings.

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