Shout out to Sara Rowe

June 16, 2022

SHOUT OUT to Sara Rowe who, along with a kick butt team of garden supporters including Kylee,Dennis, Kevin and more, has grown the food security/garden project into something really amazing in just 3 VERY short growing seasons.  This project is an investment into DRFN’s health,  future, autonomy, and resilience in the face of supply chain issues, climate change, and risks associated with being a small remote community.  It’s something DRFN should be very proud of!  

The garden is visible for only a few short months, but Sara prepares and plans garden projects all year round.  It’s a lot of work, and she manages to do it while balancing her other roles of forestry manager, NEAT Board member, Robert Ogilvie elementary PAC member, soccer coach and super mom. You’re doing an amazing job Sara!

If you haven’t seen the production garden and the recent upgrades, go take a look!

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