Doig River First Nation is grateful for the generous support of its 2023 Rodeo sponsors.

July 30, 2023

What an amazing weekend! Doig River Rodeo was a huge success! Thank you to our amazing sponsors, fabulous contestants, Justin and his crew, Tanner for working the grounds each day, beer gardens and 50/50 workers. Thanks to Kim for all her help and her fabulous photos! Thanks to Christie for helping me not jump the cliff a few nights prior to the rodeo haha. Thanks to my girls – wow you two stepped up and filled in so many blanks. Thanks also to Clayton, Stef and TJ for amazing stock. Brian you did great announcing. Also thanks to our judges, timers and arena director who made the show just go on so smoothly! Thanks Domini for your volunteers at our gates and garbage pick up! Wowzer so many more! Thank you everyone! Now to finish it all up and start a plan for next year! I know I am forgetting people but thank you also Fallyn for you help this weekend so much appreciated!

And of course, we couldn’t do the rodeo without our valuable and generous sponsors! Thank you so much – it’s so much appreciated!:)

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