DRFN Hires Tsaa? K’wa Production Manager, Levi Davis

May 17, 2022

In February, DRFN hired member, Levi Davis as its Tsaa? K’wa Production Manager. Through this position, Levi is primarily responsible for contributing DRFN’s interests in the Cultural Heritage Centre (CHC) project. Additionally, he works to plan, coordinate and implement cross cultural training initiatives such as the Kema Camping Experience.

Levi has completed a certificate as a project management professional and also took several post-secondary business courses. He served as the Director of Community Services for Sasuchn Developments with Tackla Nation. Additionally he was the #1 North American Outside Sales recipient at Cross Industries.

Levi enjoys hunting, hiking, bush camping and using his teepee tent. He looks forward to sharing some of these skills through the Kema Camping Experience opportunities he is managing and hosting.

Levi is excited about his new role. Over the past several years, he travelled to 8 different countries and learned a lot, particularly how other people around the world live and appreciate life given their circumstances & hardships. Additionally, Levi is grateful for DRFN’s support during his post-secondary studies and looks forward to being of service to his people through this new role.

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