DRFN Hires Field Technician, Shawn Harding

May 17, 2022

DRFN member, Shawn Harding has joined DRFN’s Lands and Resources Department this month as a Field Technician.

Shawn recently completed his degree at the University of Northern British Columbia in Natural Resource Management, specializing in Tourism and Outdoor Recreation.

He is getting settled into his new role and is happy and enthusiastic about it. So far he is keeping busy within the department by placing field cameras and collecting data, overseeing construction on the land and managing trail cutting throughout the territory.

He is living out at his family’s farm in Cecil Lake. He was instrumental in keeping our Emergency Management Planning team informed of the river levels at the Osborne Bridge as he drove back and forth to work this month. Thank you Shawn and all the best to you in your new role!

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