Stephanie Attachie, DRFN’s new Lands Governance Officer

November 9, 2023

Greetings, it is a pleasure to inform you that I have been appointed as the Lands Governance Officer for

the Nation. In this role, I will be providing support to the On-Reserve Lands Administration Department.

Specifically, I will be a key representative for the Lands Governance Department, working in conjunction

with the Band Manager, Council, Protective Services Manager, Land Use Planner, Lands Management

Committee, and Tax Administrator.

Before assuming this role, I held a few positions within the Nation,

including Youth Worker, Executive Assistant to Chief and Council, and supported the Language


During this period, I began my educational journey at Northern Lights College in Fort St

John, and at this institution, I successfully obtained my grade 12 Diploma and Social Services Worker

Diploma. Following that, I furthered my education by completing a Social Work Degree through the

University of Northern British Columbia. After a one-year hiatus from academic pursuits, I applied to law

school and commenced my legal studies in 2020.

Throughout my scholarly endeavors, I was the recipient of multiple awards and actively engaged in

competitions. One of the most notable accolades I attained was being selected by the University of

Northern British Columbia to be a representative for British Columbia on a short-term educational

exchange program to Guangzhou, China. During this immersive experience, I had the opportunity to

delve into the rich historical and cultural dimensions of China.

Furthermore, in my last year of law school, I was selected to be a representative for the faculty in a

prestigious National Family Law Negotiations Moot Competition, in which my team and I achieved

success. Participating in this moot competition against representatives from other law faculties across

Canada was incredibly valuable and rewarding. Notwithstanding the diligent efforts invested in it, the 8-

month preparation period allowed me to cultivate critical skills through the guidance of experienced

practicing lawyers. For the upcoming 2024 competition, I have been graciously invited to provide

assistance to this year’s legal team.

After completing my legal studies in June 2023, I made the decision to temporarily take a break from

academic studies throughout the summer period. I had intended to dedicate time in September to

furthering my pre-medical coursework, which I had previously worked on in the summer of 2022.

Despite my appreciation for the field of law, my longstanding aspiration has consistently been to pursue

a career in medicine, as I firmly believe that this profession aligns with my fervent desire to provide

support to Indigenous people who encounter significant disparities within the realm of medical care. I

have met with the admissions team at the University of British Columbia’s medical program, where it has

been determined that I have successfully fulfilled the stipulated prerequisites. Consequently, my next

step entails preparing for the arduous medical college admission test in order to proceed with my


I enjoy engaging in community service initiatives which includes serving on a board and advocating for

 the rights of women and low-income families. I also enjoy reading, writing, traveling and gaining

 knowledge about other cultures, hunting and spending quality time with my sons, being outdoors and

learning our traditional way of life with family and elders, gardening during the summer months which is

a fun hobby that I learned in recent years, long with interior decorating, planning events and so forth.

Before fully committing myself to this demanding endeavor, I intend to temporarily divert my attention

towards engaging in community service initiatives with Doig. I will not fail to mention that Doig has

significantly contributed to my educational journey, and I am highly motivated to apply my legal skill set

in assisting the community in various capacities.

Overall, I am very pleased with the advancements made by our Nation and foresee a future that is both

exciting and optimistic!

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